4 Ways Restroom Trailers Improve the Festival Experience

4 Ways Restroom Trailers Improve the Festival Experience

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It’s that time of year again! The weather is cool and people want to enjoy time outside, especially at music and food festivals. If you’re planning a festival of your own, there is one thing that often gets overlooked: restrooms. While standard portable restrooms can get the job done, restroom trailers can be a great way to elevate your event. Here are 4 reasons why a restroom trailer could be the solution for your festival planning:


Cleanliness is next to godliness, and your festival attendees will appreciate a nice cool and clean place to go. Normally, portable restrooms sit out in the direct sunlight for many hours, which can lead to unsatisfactory odors and a general “unclean” feeling. Unlike regular portables, restroom trailers feature air conditioning and a ventilation system that is great for eliminating odors and making your guests feel comfortable.


Having access to clean restrooms keeps your guest onsite and happy.  No one likes waiting in line for the bathroom when they could be seeing their favorite band play. Long wait times are a pain point that restroom trailers can help to alleviate. Because they feature multiple stalls, it is easier to get guests in and out to keep lines moving. Keep in mind that if your guest leaves the property to go find a restroom, your revenues are leaving too.

Quality Experience

Restroom trailers show your festival go-ers that you are committed to quality. Trailers provide your attendees with all the amenities of home and provide a sanctuary from being outdoors for long periods of time. Flushable toilets, sinks with running water, Air conditioning, and lighting for your guests are just some of the great features to enjoy.

Cost Effective

Depending on the size of your event, a restroom trailer could be a great way to save some money. Restroom trailers have multiple stalls, usually anywhere from 3-13, and can reduce the need for numerous standalone portable toilets at your event. Again, if your event guests leave the property, so does your revenues.   Having restrooms available for your guests keeps them on property and happy.

When planning your next event, don’t flush out the possibility of a restroom trailer. The cleanliness, availability, quality experience and cost-effectiveness of restroom trailers can be an easy way to elevate your next festival. To find the restroom trailer that’s right for your needs, contact Anderson Rentals today. Our team of potty experts can help find the right product for your needs.

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