Construction Restroom Trailers

Construction Restroom Trailers

Portable restroom on construction site

So, you’re starting a new construction project. You’re probably taking inventory of all the rental items you’ll need. The item at the top of your priority list should be portable restrooms for your team.

Checklist for Planning Portable Restroom Rental

The following questions will be asked when calling a portable restroom company to order restrooms.

  • If you require flushing restrooms (trailered) or just standard portable restrooms?
  • If you need any specialty units such as hook units (for a hi-rise site), Wastewater Holding tanks for the office trailer or mobile restrooms, or shower trailers (for a restroom remodel job)?
  • How many workers will be on-site on a daily basis?
  • How many hours per day those workers will be on-site?
  • How many shifts per day?
  • What is the layout: Residential or Commercial, including height, of the construction project?

All of these factors will help determine how many portable restrooms you’ll need for your construction site, and what types of portable restrooms will best suit your needs.

How Many Do I Need?

We base our recommendations on the Florida State Health Departments code: 64E-6.0101. These regulations require one portable toilet per 10 workers on an 8-hr day and standard 40-hour workweek. Keep in mind, these are minimum requirements for the health and safety of your workers. Having too few portable toilets or too few cleanings weekly could pose a risk to hygiene safety as well as productivity. By getting the recommended number of toilets on your job site, you help ensure that your workers have access to a restroom when they need it. This makes your construction workers more productive over time.

Restroom/Shower trailers generally follow the Florida Building codes for Plumbing. On remodel job sites, the trailer size generally follows the number of restroom/shower stalls in the bathroom being remodeled.

Types of Rentals We Offer

We provide a variety of rental options for your construction site including:

  • Portable & High-Rise Toilets – a variety of configurations, including high-rise, crane rig, or elevator units for multi-story jobs. Consideration should be made for two (2) Hi-rise toilets for everyone you require on the building…leaving one on the ground for ease of cleaning and one on the building.  This practice will free the crane operator to keep working the building materials and prevents the operator from interruptions in moving a Hi-rise portable during the workday.
  • Holding Tanks – there are two sizes; 140 gals and 280 gals. Depending on the number of office trailer staff, on-site staff and or visitors entering (visiting) the office trailer.  One or Twice weekly pumping is usually customary.  Installation is optional and/or extra.
  • Restroom/Shower Trailers – several sizes and models to accommodate a large number of people in the queue and when a more substantial restroom facility is needed.
  • Roll-off Dumpsters – sized to the job for easy access and disposal of debris and available for delivery to all construction areas we service.
  • Specialty Rentals – portable hand-washing sinks, connex boxes for securing tools and building materials, and other items that may be required for your worksite, and crowd barriers.

Do I Need a Permit?

The Florida Department of Health states that anyone who services portable restrooms or hand-washing facilities should obtain a permit from their county’s health department. In other words: The owner of the portable restrooms, not the renter, must have a permit, making the rental process that much easier.   Exception: a Restroom/Shower trailer rental may require a permit and must be obtained by the customer.

For construction projects, Anderson Rentals, Inc. has more than 50 years of experience in planning portable restroom facilities to meet job-site needs in Florida. You can trust our services to provide the required amenities with professional delivery and service. We have experience with job sites involving roadwork, major commercial construction, and residential and single-site portable restroom needs.

For construction sites large and small, we can assist in planning the number of portable restrooms and other amenities you may need. Contact us at 1-800-553-2213 to get a quote.