Why Luxury Restroom Trailers are Great for Car Shows

Why Luxury Restroom Trailers are Great for Car Shows

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Rent Luxury Restroom Trailers for a Successful Car Show

Florida loves its car shows. Three Florida cities—Miami, Tampa, and Orlando—sit on the list of best U.S. cities for car lovers. From huge, nationally known shows, to small community fundraisers, you can find one in practically any county in the Sunshine State. Hosting a car show can bring visibility to your business or cause, uniting people from all walks of life. The key to success is good planning, which includes providing ample restrooms for patrons.

It can be easy to overlook how much the quality and availability of restrooms affects people’s experience at an event. Mess it up and they will remember your event as “that car show with the gross restrooms.” Allocate enough budget to rent luxury restroom trailers, and the investment will pay off in the following ways.

Distinguish Your Car Show from Others

When you participate in a car show, you want your ride to stand out. But as an organizer you want that thing that makes your event stand out, especially in a state with so many car and motorcycle shows. If you spring for spacious restrooms with flushing porcelain toilets, wood grain-patterned flooring, solid surface vanity tops, and paper towel and soap dispensers, those other shows with standard porta potties won’t even compare.

As with all events – know that if your attendees have to leave the property to find a clean restroom, then any money you are trying to generate is leaving with them as well.

Car Lovers Care About Customization

Car guys and gals put their hearts and souls into customizing their cars. Show them you get it. Customize your luxury restroom trailers with kitschy-cool items on the shelves or floors and maybe even some “new car smell” air freshener. For an added special touch, hire a restroom attendant to keep everything neat and tidy the entire day.

Stay Cool with Air-Conditioned Restrooms

Car show attendees walk and stand all day, often under the warm Florida sun. Air-conditioned restrooms provide a little welcome relief. When they get hot and tired, they might decide to call it a day. Then again, a few minutes to step inside, and to wash their hands using actual running water and soap, can leave a patron refreshed and ready to hang out for hours more.

Luxury Restrooms Arrive Right Alongside the Cars

When you rent luxury restrooms, they arrive on trailers just like many of those vintage and luxury cars. It’s an exciting moment when all those vehicles start rolling in! Restrooms from Anderson Rentals are easy to transport and set up. We can work with you to choose the best locations, but a good guideline is to place some at the center and around the perimeter of the event space.  The site needs only to provide a water spigot and electricity.  If a water spigot is not available for some reason, call our team and we’ll work on a solution to the problem.

A Few More Tips for Car Show Restroom Rentals

Plan ahead. The larger your event, the more lead time you will need to secure the right quantity of restrooms. We can help you calculate how many you will need based on how many attendees you expect.

Florida is Seasonal.  If you are planning your Florida event in the cooler months of spring or fall, know that many of the event organizers are also planning their events during the same time period.  Most annual event organizers are booked 4-6 months in advance of their event date.  Don’t be left out!

Specialty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) offers recommendations for bathrooms at a car show. They say, “a nice touch is separate men’s and women’s facilities if the cost isn’t prohibitive. Don’t forget about handicap access.” And, they remind you, “Dirty or overflowing restrooms can be a real event killer.”

Anderson Rentals knows how to provide the right portable restroom to rev up any event. We can help you plan for ADA accessibility and ensure that your restrooms meet all state and local regulations. We’re located here in Florida, and we’re ready to put your car show on the road to success.

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