Portable Restrooms: We’ve Seen It All

Portable Restrooms: We’ve Seen It All

line of portable restrooms

At Anderson Rentals, Inc. we know that working with portable restrooms isn’t all milk and honey. As is true in any industry, things don’t always go as planned. What’s important when talking about restroom trailer rental is that no matter what situation presents itself, our team members are ready to take the challenges head-on.

Storms vs. Portable Restrooms

Hurricanes and portable trailer rentals don’t always mix well. That’s because the high winds can create flying debris or even airborne portable restrooms if the proper measures aren’t taken to secure them. So of course, our team has seen our fair share of storm-struck potties. After a large hurricane hit a Florida town, we had to pull multiple portables out of an alligator-infested lake for one of our customers. Following a separate hurricane, a few of our portables ended up swimming with the fishes in the Indian River – graffitied and airborne from a combination of high wind speeds and vandalization. Oh, and did we mention the twister? Our team had to pull a portable out of the top of a pine tree after a tornado picked up the portable and sent it airborne!

When Nature Calls (No Pun Intended)

Mother Nature has thrown us her fair share of non-storm-related horrors too. We’re no stranger to dealing with creepy crawlies. On multiple occasions, we’ve found snakes in and under our bathroom trailer rentals when cleaning and removing them. Some of our crew members have also been greeted by skunks when servicing restrooms and handwashing stations. And the most notable of all, when purchasing several hundred portables to add to our fleet we were met by a cottonmouth snake hiding underneath the very last one we moved.

Success Doesn’t Always Come Easily

It’s not all about flying portable restrooms and lurking wildlife, working in the portable restroom rental industry has some great aspects too. One thing we’re particularly proud of is our contract with the UCF Football team in Orlando. Over the years we’ve had this contract on and off many times, sometimes losing it to other companies promising lower rates. But in the end, our quality is what reigns supreme and is the reason UCF has chosen to have us take over their portable restroom needs.

It’s a Learning Process

In our 50 years in the portable restrool rental business, we’ve worked with all types of equipment and learned by trial and error what works best. We’re currently very proud of the equipment we use, especially our truck fleet and the onsite staff who manages it. You can catch us riding in style down the streets of Orlando, Tampa and the rest of Central Florida touting our orange and grey trucks to match our portable restrooms!

With over 50 years in the industry, you could say that we’ve seen it all. No matter what life throws your way, you can find peace knowing our team is ready to assist in any situation – big, small, or strange.

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