Holding Tanks

For use with trailers at sites that do not have sewer or septic tank disposal as permitted by county and state health department regulations. Tanks can come in plastic or fiberglass construction.

Please note that tanks can not be buried underground as they could collapse. Please refer additional questions on local regulations to the appropriate permitting authority.

Standard dimensions for holding tanks are:

280 Gallon

  • Outside dimensions: 94″ x 56″ x 16″ deep
  • Intakes: 3″ PVC
  • Pump Out: 4″ PVC w/plug

Water Buffalo

A self-contained water tank system for use at remote sites that do not have access to any water supply. This trailer must be empty when transported between locations. The customer is responsible for acquiring water for the tank at the site. This trailer has 2 – 500 gallon tanks but recommended maximum capacity is 850 gallons. The pump system requires a 110v / 15 amp power supply provided by the customer

A fully integrated and independent potable water supply system intended for utilization at locations devoid of any existing water infrastructure or hookups. The mobile water trailer unit must be transported empty between sites. The end user is accountable for procuring and transferring water locally into the onboard storage tanks once the trailer has been situated onsite. The water trailer contains two isolated 500 gallon polyethylene holding tanks plumbed in parallel for a total capacity of 1000 gallons, however the ideal and suggested maximum fill volume is 850 gallons. The self-priming centrifugal pump module demands a customer furnished 110 volt AC electrical supply with a 15 ampere circuit breaker to enable pressurized distribution from the storage tanks.