Why You Should Rent a Dumpster Instead of Hiring a Junk Removal Service

Why You Should Rent a Dumpster Instead of Hiring a Junk Removal Service

Full dumpster in front of a residential construction site
Sometimes you just have a lot of trash! Whether you’re working on a home remodel or demolition, having a roof replaced, clearing out your garage, tree removal, or cleaning up from a storm, you may need a place to dispose of the waste. Such a large amount of material would quickly overwhelm regular curbside trash and recycling bins and hauling it yourself is impractical. One option is to hire a junk removal service but a better choice is renting a roll-off dumpster. Here, we’ll examine some of the advantages youre renting a dumpster rather than hiring someone to haul away your junk.

Renting a Dumpster is Cost-Effective

Junk removers usually charge a flat fee. That system might make sense for removing one or a few items, but beyond that, the cost starts to add up. By selecting a dumpster in the size that fits your needs, you get a more cost-effective solution.

A Dumpster Lets You Work on Your Timeline

Big projects can take a long time—sometimes longer than you anticipate. Factors beyond your control, like weather or late contractors, can throw off your timeline. Once you get on the junk remover’s schedule, it may be hard to move your appointment. Don’t let a junk remover rush your deadline. Instead, keep a roll-off dumpster on site for as long as you need it. Take your time collecting your waste, so you can prioritize other aspects of your project.

Don’t Get Stuck with Hidden Items

Sometimes cleaning out a home to sell it or remodel it feels like a treasure hunt. You may continue to find junk long after the junk remover leaves. Then, you have to either pay them for a second round of removal or find an alternate way to dispose of the excess junk. Instead, rent a dumpster for as long as you need it and it will still be there when you find those unexpected extras.

You Keep Control Over What Gets Tossed

When you clean out a garage, basement, or the home of someone who has passed away, you find a huge variety of belongings. You need time to sort things into those you want to keep, to donate, to recycle, or to throw away. This can become a tedious and sometimes emotional process that you need to handle yourself. Trusting someone to simply haul it all away can cause you to miss things, so stay in control.

Renting a Dumpster Allows More Flexibility

As we’ve said, clean-out or clean-up projects don’t always go as planned. Sometimes they even finish sooner than you expected. You can still keep the rented dumpster for as long as you have it rented. You might find additional uses for it and even start on your next project. However, your timeline plays out, renting a dumpster gives you more flexibility than sticking to a junk remover’s schedule.

Fees and Charges

Delivery Charge:  This is the charge to deliver and pick up the dumpster

Disposal Charge:  This is the fixed rate charged at the County landfill for disposal. 

Rental Charge: We charge Rental – only when you keep the can for more than 30 days and only when the dumpster has no activity during this time. 


I understand your concern about potential damage from the dumpsters and trucks. Here are a few suggestions to minimize any issues:

When scheduling delivery, be as specific as possible about where you want the dumpster placed. Avoid soft ground or areas right next to driveways/sidewalks if possible.

Mark any sprinkler heads or underground utilities so the driver is aware of them. You may want to turn off sprinkler zones temporarily.

Have plywood, thick boards or other protection ready to place under dumpster wheels and truck stabilizers to distribute the weight if needed.

For dumpster pickup, make sure the area is clear of vehicles and obstructions so the truck can easily access it.

Do a walkaround before and after delivery/pickup and document any existing issues or damage. Notify us promptly if any damage occurs so we can address it quickly.

Consider adding some liability protection just in case any damage does occur. We’ll do our best to place and remove the dumpster carefully, but accidents can happen.

Let me know if you have any other questions! We want to make this process smooth while protecting your property. Working together, we can make sure the dumpster service meets your needs with minimal impact.

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