Disaster Relief Rentals

Include Restroom Rentals in Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

Disasters often occur with little warning. Here in Florida, residents face risks from hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, sinkholes, and wildfires.
Depending on the severity of a storm or other disaster, cleanup can take weeks or even months. First responders, federal agents, and relief volunteers need access to basic facilities like portable restrooms while they work. Displaced homeowners also need sanitary facilities
Portable restrooms and other supplies are an important part of rescue efforts. You should prepare to have portable restrooms in advance so they are readily available when the need arises.


Portable Restrooms Can Save Lives

When access to buildings and indoor restrooms is limited, rental facilities are a quick and easy solution. Portable sinks and sanitizer stations help maintain good hygiene and sanitation and keep diseases from spreading during a disaster’s aftermath. Portable restrooms prevent people from doing their business elsewhere, which could contaminate the area and put others at risk. Also, people working in the disaster cleanup area having access to restroom facilities nearby will enable them to do their jobs more efficiently.


Prepare Your Home For Emergencies

It’s always wise to plan ahead for possible emergencies. A good emergency kit should include these essential items:

• Water (one gallon per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation)
• Food (at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food)
• Hand sanitizer
• Battery-powered or hand-crank radio
• Flashlights
• First aid kit
• Extra batteries
• Whistle (to signal for help)
• Manual can opener
• Cell phone charger with a backup power supply or solar-powered charger

Keep the phone number or website of a local portable restroom company in your phone or even better, write it down. Include it in your list of emergency contacts in case your home sustains damage and you wind up without access to functional plumbing for a while.


How Far In Advance Should I Prepare?

To prepare for hurricanes and tropical storms, we advise beginning preparation at least four to five days prior to the expected landfall. Once your area receives “warning” status from the National Weather Service, our preparation and services will suspend for safety reasons just prior to the threatening winds and will not resume until the storm passes.

Getting services safely back up to full speed is our highest priority in times of crisis. Some of the standard disaster relief items we provide include portable toilets and sinks for basic necessities and restroom and shower trailers when more permanent facilities are needed.


We Are Here For You in Times of Crisis

When disaster strikes, Anderson Rentals, Inc. is ready with quick response and prompt delivery of portable restrooms and sinks to meet the sanitation needs for local, state and federal agencies as well as private sector emergency response services. We have experience working with major utility providers such as Florida Power and Light and Progressive Energy as well as federal relief services (FEMA). Providing clean-up services and facilities after major events such as hurricanes, tropical storms, floods or other natural occurrences afflicting public or private properties is what we do.


Maintaining Portable Restrooms During a Storm

Please know that hurricanes affect us all. At times it will become impossible for us to provide service to every customer, for example picking up or cleaning and servicing a restroom rental. It is our policy to pump out the portable restrooms and leave them empty while trying to place them in the safest site location as is possible or as time allows. In some cases, this includes a pump-out, then laying then down on their door (an open door tends to make a portable ‘parachute’ in heavy winds).

Ultimately, this is the equipment you have rented and are therefore you are responsible for it during a storm. Here is what we advise for securing a portable restroom:
• Tie a rope around it to keep the door closed
• Lay it down on the leeward side of the job site (out of the prevailing winds),
• Move the portable to the interior of a garage, or
• Rope-tie the portable to a solid object such as tree, dumpster or telephone pole.

Contact Anderson Rentals, Inc. at 1-800-553-2213 to learn more about our disaster relief efforts.