Must-Have Portable Rentals for Construction Projects

Must-Have Portable Rentals for Construction Projects

blue roll off dumpster being unloaded on construction site

When it comes to construction, many on-site amenities are needed for the project to run smoothly. These include but aren’t limited to  portable restrooms and restroom trailers, holding tanks, dumpster roll-offs, and more. Below, we've created a list to highlight all of the different essential rentals to have at a construction site and some extras that may not be mandatory but are certainly nice to have.

Mobile Office Trailers

Depending on the type of construction project, you may want a mobile office trailer on-site. For project managers, a rental trailer gives them a place to hold meetings, oversee the construction process, and keep blueprints and additional important documents close by and safe from inclement weather. Bigger, more extensive projects may call for multiple office trailers to ensure they run smoothly. Numerous trailers can also give your construction crew members a place to cool off or warm up during their break, which is especially beneficial for jobs where crew members are on the clock for eight or more hours every day.


Roll-Off Dumpsters

Rental dumpsters are also critical to have efficient on-site construction. One of the most important reasons to have a rental dumpster is for increased safety. By reducing the amount of random debris left around by the ongoing construction, you reduce the chance of an employee injuring themselves in an accident. For example, wood with sharp nails sticking out and shredded metal could cause serious injury if a crew member has an accident, while having sharp debris laying around could damage valuable machinery and even pop tires. Another reason rental dumpsters are vital to have on-site is that they can hold large amounts of abrasive material — particularly concrete, metal, countertops, and nailed wood. These materials take up a lot of space. While it may be feasible to manage construction waste yourself on small projects, during larger ones, it becomes an insurmountable hurdle that can cause many delays. Many companies that rent out rental dumpsters will also handle the debris disposal, ensuring a usable dumpster is always on-site and allowing crew members to continue working on the project.


Conex Boxes

The next item on our list is Conex boxes, which prove invaluable during large-scale construction projects. Typically, these boxes store construction machinery and equipment, mainly owing to their sturdy construction and resistance to the elements. However, Conex boxes are also incredibly customizable, allowing them to store much more than just machinery. Construction managers can personalize Conex boxes to include secured shelving, personnel doors, and even climate control systems to help preserve items that are affected negatively by humidity. 


In fact, if you have to keep any of the following items in this list below on-site, it's highly recommended that you get a climate-controlled Conex box:


  • Epoxy and adhesive catalysts
  • Lubricants and Hydraulic fluids
  • Paints (aerosol and cans)
  • Water
  • Soaps
  • Solvents
  • Gaskets, O-rings, seals, and belts
  • Circuit boards, semiconductor devices, and electronics
  • Filters
  • Wood and leather items


Conex boxes are also great for storing construction machinery and safety equipment. It may seem obvious, but having construction machinery on-site at all times improves the efficiency with which you can complete the project. Similarly, having the proper safety equipment easily accessible on-site, such as hard hats, traffic cones, and safety vests is critical to keeping your crew safe on the job. By using a Conex box, safety equipment and construction machinery can be stored safely and securely on-site, reducing the chance of theft, damage from the elements, and delays caused by human error. 


Portable Bathrooms

Portable restroom rentals are critical for your construction crew members, especially on projects like bathroom remodels and renovations. Portable bathrooms help keep construction sites sanitary and create a comfortable working environment for your team. You can find portable restroom rentals that come with sinks and hand sanitizers that reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Reducing the spread of germs helps reduce the chance of a viral outbreak within the construction crew that could potentially delay operations, a significant consideration during the current pandemic. In addition, you can rent portable restroom trailers for larger construction sites that also include blackwater holding tanks for easy waste disposal. These toilet trailers usually have multiple portable toilet units, ensuring no crew member has to wait in line and increasing efficiency. 


On multi-story construction sites, high rise portable toilets can be used to provide temporary restrooms to crew members high off the ground. With a pair of high-rise portable toilets, the service personnel will clean the portables that are on the ground, then leave the site. Later, crane operators can exchange the dirty high-rise portable with a clean one, at their discretion during the slower times of operation.


Choose the Right Portable Bathroom Rental for Your Construction Site

Managing a construction site is complex, and there are a lot of moving parts you need to consider to have a smooth, efficiently run operation. Still, portable bathrooms are an essential purchase for any long-term construction project


With over 50 years of experience, Anderson Rentals has seen it all, and we want your construction project to be as productive as possible, so let us guide you to the right rental choices. While portable restrooms may not sound as important as having machinery and safety equipment, they can save you a lot of hassle — and ordering from a reputable, high-quality vendor will save you many headaches along the way. Get a quote today for your portable rental needs. Not sure what items to rent? Get in touch and we'll help you choose the most suitable options to make your operation a success.