What You Need to Know Before Renting Portable Restrooms

What You Need to Know Before Renting Portable Restrooms

Considering a portable restroom or sink for your next special event? What about how many you might need? How many sinks per restroom is appropriate? Are all portable restrooms wheelchair accessible? These questions can sometimes be tricky to answer, but they are necessary for planning a successful event. We provide tips below to know when a portable restroom or sink may be required, and the regulations surrounding wheelchair accessible restrooms for your next special event.

When Should I Get a Portable Restroom for My Event?

If you’re looking for a portable restroom, you can choose between standalone portable restrooms or a restroom trailer. Standalone restrooms prove to be a highly effective choice for a wide range of events, providing organizers with the flexibility to procure the precise quantity of portable facilities required to accommodate the projected attendance. This includes ensuring the availability of handicap-accessible portables and portable sinks in accordance with the event’s needs. However, in cases where the event demands a more sophisticated and upscale ambiance, opting for a restroom trailer might be a more fitting solution. Such trailers add an elevated touch of elegance and convenience, elevating the overall experience for attendees.

determining how many restrooms you may need, don’t forget the golden rule: for every 50 people at your event you should typically have at least 1 restroom available. Check out our guide for more information on determining how many restrooms you may need.

How Many Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms Do I Need?

There are certain regulations put into place by the ADA concerning the need for wheelchair accessible portable restrooms. Generally, we suggest 1 handicapped portable for every 20 standard portables. As well, if you choose to order a restroom trailer for your event, you must also have a handicap-accessible restroom trailer or portable handicap – to ensure that all your attendees are receiving equal treatment. It is also important to ensure that the placements of these restrooms are easily accessible and that users won’t have to step on a curb to access them.

Should I Rent Portable Sinks for My Event?

Portable sinks provide a hand-washing facility that acts as the first line of defense against the spread of germs. These portable sinks are especially important if you are holding an event where food and drink are involved. Not only is it important for a successful event, but in Florida, it is required for portable sinks to be present at all events. For determining how many portable sinks you may need, remember this rule of thumb: 1 portable sink for every 10 standard portables.

As you embark on the exciting journey of organizing your upcoming event, remember the paramount significance of providing convenient and well-equipped portable restrooms and sinks for your valued guests. By integrating these essential facilities, you have the remarkable opportunity to elevate the overall quality and experience of your event, surpassing even the highest of expectations with regards to hygiene and comfort. When it comes to fulfilling your requisites for top-notch portable restrooms and sinks, Anderson Rentals stands as your unwavering choice – for we are dedicated to accompanying you every step of the way, regardless of your event’s location.

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