Do I Need a Permit for a Portable Restroom?

Do I Need a Permit for a Portable Restroom?

Blue portable restroom on a trailer at an outdoor construction site.

Porta potties offer a convenient solution for a range of situations where people lack access to plumbing. An important step in renting portable restrooms is understanding the regulations in your area and acquiring permits if needed. Here, we’ll help you determine if you need a permit to rent a portable toilet.

Permits for Portable Restrooms in Florida

The Florida Department of Health states that anyone who services portable restrooms or hand-washing facilities should obtain a permit from their county’s health department. In other words: The owner of the portable restrooms, not the renter, must have a permit, making the rental process that much easier. This county permit must be obtained for the location where the trucks are stored each night. An operator/company may provide portables in surrounding (same State) counties if they choose.

When renting portable restrooms from a rental company, make sure they have the proper permits. These include:

  • An annual operating permit
  • Relevant city/county permits (search for portable toilet regulations in your county)

Before renting from any portable restroom company in Florida, ask if the company has these permits to ensure they’re cleared to service and transport these toilets. If they cannot show proof of up-to-date permits, it may be a sign you need to choose a different portable toilet provider. (It is this company’s experience that some counties take several months to release updated permits.)

There are also a few regulations and standards that you’ll need to know before the portable toilets are delivered and placed.

Regulations for Portable Toilets 

Special Events, where the public is invited, will require an Event permit from your local authority.  Many times, the local authority will request a service agreement from the portable restroom provider.  There is no permit required for the rental of portable restrooms at Special Events. Please know that a city or county, like Orlando or Brevard county, may have rules that are more stringent than the State rules.  Your portable restroom provider can advise if this is needed in your area.

You will also need to provide a sufficient number of portable restrooms based on the expected number of users and provide sanitary hand-washing stations. The portable restroom provider may insist on an even number of portables for your order to provide for both Men and Women equally.

A portion of your order for Portable Restrooms must abide by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Ensure the placement of your porta potties allows easy entrance to those with disabilities. If you host a public event, ADA regulations dictate at least 5% of your porta potties should be handicapped stalls. For every 20 (or less) portables you order, One (1) should be Handicapped Accessible.

All portable equipment is delivered fully stock for one day’s event use.  If your event is more than one day, you will need to schedule, in advance, additional cleaning or pump out services before the second day’s activities.

Situations Where Renters May Need Permits for Portable Restrooms

If you plan to place any portable toilet units on any streets, sidewalks, or public property, check with your local city or county governments to see whether you’ll need special permits. Also, check with the local homeowner/business property owners to make sure they will allow this placement.  Callbacks are expensive for property owners that are complaining.

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