Top 5 Uses for Portable Shower Trailers in Florida

Top 5 Uses for Portable Shower Trailers in Florida

Portable shower trailer for men and women

One of the upsides to living in Florida is the often warm and sunny weather. However, that weather can feel like a downside at times. No one likes to feel grungy from the heat and humidity, so frequent showers are a must. For situations where a permanent shower is unavailable, a portable shower stall can feel like a lifesaver.

There are numerous situations where there might be a need for a portable shower trailer rental in Florida. At Anderson Rentals, we offer shower trailer rentals in multiple sizes, ranging from eight shower stalls to 30. Each one comes with interior lighting, one or more water heaters, and low-water usage shower heads. Just hook it up to a water source and you’re ready for hot showers just about anywhere.

1. Construction or Renovation Sites

Whether you’re renovating commercial bathrooms or living onsite at a large event you need a place to shower. In this case mobile shower rentals are a great soluyion. We have configurable 8-stall trailers (4 men’s, 4 women’s) that can serve all your needs. The 8-stall trailers are built to be “convertible.” That means you can choose either a shower or flushable toilet for each stall. This 8-stall trailer is commonly provided with 2 commodes and 2 showers on each side. It also includes sinks, air conditioning and toilet paper dispenser—everything you need to feel at home.

For remote areas, workers, staff or guests may stay on site for long periods with a portable shower/restroom trailer can make it more practical and enjoyable.

2. Portable Shower Trailers for Disaster Relief

Following a hurricane, flood, or other natural disaster a hot shower makes a difference. It can not only contribute to health and safety but provide a bit of physical comfort during a stressful time. Hot water and air conditioning can make a big difference. While most of our portable rental services are located in Florida, in counties like Brevard, St. Lucie, and Polk, we provide emergency services across much of the Eastern United States.

3. Showering After an Athletic Event

Athletic events like marathons, mud runs, and scouting “jamborees” have become popular ways to raise money for a cause and unite communities. Afterward, event organizers often provide entertainment, food and drinks.. In order to enjoy the rest of the day, any athlete will certainly appreciate the chance to shower. A large portable shower trailer with 28 shower stalls can serve a lot of people efficiently.

4. Multi-Day Outdoor Events

Ah, the great outdoors. Florida offers year-round opportunities for multi-day camping events, music festivals, yoga retreats and the like. However, a large group of people sweating all day, whether at the beach or in the pinewoods, can smell less than beautiful. Help everyone stay comfortable and refreshed with portable shower stalls and bathrooms. Hire an attendant—yours or ours—for an added bit of luxury.

5. Showering During Hunting or Camping Trips

For hunting and camping trips, a temporary portable set-up can provide a hot shower and provide a welcome retreat. Try a ten-stall shower trailer, which can be plumbed to sewer, septic, or holding tanks. Connect to your own electrical supply to enjoy air conditioning and water-resistant fluorescent lighting. Keep the fun going longer with portable showers.

Find the ideal portable shower trailer for your needs by exploring the various options Anderson provides. Enjoy extras like low water usage shower heads, interior lighting, and flushable toilets in your selected shower trailer.

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