Portable Restroom Rentals For Your Wedding: What You Need To Know

Portable Restroom Rentals For Your Wedding: What You Need To Know

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Planning a dream wedding in Orlando, Tampa, or elsewhere in central Florida? Don’t let restrooms ruin your special day. Luxury portable restroom rentals offer a clean, comfortable solution when venue bathrooms are lacking. In this guide, discover the top porta potty companies for weddings in central Florida, types of luxury portable toilets, how many you need for your guest count, costs, placement tips, and extra amenities like hand sanitizer stations.

Give your guests the 5-star experience they deserve with upscale portable restrooms. From beach weddings to backyard soirees, we cover everything you need to know about renting luxe porta potties for your central Florida wedding. Read on for the full scoop on elevating the wedding bathroom experience with high-end portable toilet rentals in the Sunshine State.

Does Your Wedding Require Portable Restrooms?

There are several instances where renting luxury portable restrooms for your wedding is necessary.

Limited Restrooms On-Site

Even when a venue has on-site bathrooms, you may still need additional portable restrooms. For example, a rustic barn house may have a couple of restrooms, however, if you have a large guest list, you may need to purchase a few portable restrooms to accommodate your guests.

Home Weddings

Then, there are home weddings. If your home has a septic tank, this can increase the risk of plumbing issues. A septic tank for a three-bedroom house is designed to support six to eight people and can fail when 50 to 100 people show up, even if it’s just for a few hours.

Outdoor Weddings

If you’re getting married outdoors, portable bathrooms are a must. Although some parks and beaches have public restrooms, it’s not the best idea to rely on those. They may be poorly managed, dirty, or out of order. If your wedding location is a popular spot among locals and tourists, then you can also run into the issue of boisterous strangers and long lines. Finally, there probably won’t be enough public restrooms available, so to avoid long lines and overflowing toilets you will need a mobile rental solution for your bathroom needs. 

How Many Portable Restrooms Do You Need?

The number of rentals you get will depend on the number of guests you expect and the event’s duration. Generally, a good rule of thumb is one portable restroom per 25 guests. So for a small wedding of around 50 people, you’ll want to plan for at least two restroom rentals. Reference the chart below to get a general idea of how many portable restroom rentals are needed. 

portable restroom chart

However, keep in mind that the details of your guest list, whether or not alcohol is served, how large the venue is, and the style of the portable bathroom may also impact how many rentals you need

  • Guest list: Different people have different needs. Infants may need a changing table, and small children can’t easily use restrooms by themselves. If small children are attending the wedding, you may need to rent a larger family stall. Also, consider any accessibility needs — whether it be handrails or ramp entrances. There are ADA-accessible restroom trailers you can rent to accommodate this need.
  • Alcohol: If alcohol is being served at your event, it’s recommended to increase your rental numbers by an additional 15% to 20% due to the additional liquid being consumed. 
  • Venue size: Nothing is worse than racing across a large venue to find the bathroom. If your venue is particularly large, you may want to consider having restrooms available in multiple areas. This might not increase the total number of restrooms you need, but having an experienced portable restroom rental company like Anderson Rentals on your side will ensure proper placement of your porta-potties across the venue. 
  • Portable restroom style: Air-conditioned restroom trailers with multiple stalls can substitute up to 30 portable restrooms. You can choose anywhere from a 2-stall luxury trailer to a 13-stall luxury trailer and several options in between. This style of portable restroom is very different from what most people think of when they think of portable restrooms and are especially well suited for a wedding with it’s high-end finishes and amenities.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Portable Restroom for a Wedding?

Portable restroom rental costs vary greatly depending on your needs and preferences. These are just a few factors that can influence the total cost:

  • Wedding guest list size
  • Venue size
  • Duration of your wedding
  • Amount of luxury features (flushable porcelain toilets, tile floors, Bluetooth stereo, etc.)

With this in mind, it’s important to put restroom rentals on your list of needs right from the start. Just as you budget for your venue, catering, photography, and other necessities, you should also budget for portable restrooms. 

If you’re lucky enough to have family contributing to wedding costs, discuss all the amenities you need with everyone involved. Help them understand the vital importance of clean, comfortable restrooms for your wedding guests.

Types of Portable Rentals for Weddings

The last thing you want is grossed-out guests, and with luxury rentals, you can avoid exactly that. Look for luxury amenities like fully operational plumbing, ventilation systems, air conditioning, and running water. Wedding planners also recommend adding personal touches, like flowers or shrubs to resemble your wedding decorations. These small details can make all the difference.

When you shop for luxury rental trailers, you can choose from trailers with different amounts of stalls. Some trailers are ADA-accessible and some even come with showers.

Other Rental Products

Need help cleaning up after your wedding? We offer products and services beyond porta-potty rentals. We’re also your go-to provider for roll-off dumpsters which is a good alternative to a junk removal services, especially if cost is a concern. You can see a list of all of our portable rental products here.

When To Rent Rent Luxury Portable Restrooms for Your Wedding

Be prepared to rent portable restrooms for your big day well in advance. You don’t want to get caught ordering portable restrooms for your wedding when it’s already too late. In Florida, demand peaks during the cooler months of spring and fall — especially in March and October. 

You’ll also need to allow more time for larger restroom trailers. As a general rule of thumb, you should order these at least one to three months in advance, depending on the size of your wedding. 

Choose the Right Luxury Portable Restroom Rentals for Your Wedding

We get it — renting portable restrooms isn’t something you do every day. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options and questions you have. Anderson Rentals has been in this business for more than 50 years, so we’ve seen it all. We want your wedding day to go just as you’ve dreamed, so let us guide you to the right choices.

While portable restrooms may not sound glamorous, they can save you a lot of hassle — and ordering from a reputable, high-quality vendor will save you many headaches along the way.

Contact us today, and we’ll help you choose the right options to make your special day a success.