Four Signs It’s Time for Portable Restroom Cleaning Services

Four Signs It’s Time for Portable Restroom Cleaning Services

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For multi-day events or construction projects, portable restrooms are a must. First, you need to find the right vendor from whom to rent, but it’s even more important to order the correct quantity and to get them serviced regularly. Find out why you should seek a trustworthy, knowledgeable portable restroom cleaning service for your event or job site.  Remember: you get what you pay for.  So, if clean reliable service is a concern, you don’t want the lowest bidder.

Why  Servicing is Necessary

Event Organizers: Know that if people are leaving your event to find a restroom, then so too is their money!  Portable restrooms are a practical solution for outdoor events or activities in locations where plumbing is under construction or unavailable. They can stay in one place for long stretches of time—but only if the proper quantity of portables is provided along with the proper service frequency.  The servicing of a portable restroom includes cleaning, sanitizing and restocking it.

Nobody wants to use an unpleasant restroom. You’re likely to hear complaints if users find that a portable restroom smells strongly or runs out of toilet paper. What is worse, users could be subjected to significantly more germs in a neglected restroom. If you host an event or manage a job site, you have a responsibility for the health and safety of the guests.  You must also comply with Florida health codes. Our staff can help to ensure you have an adequate number of portables and service(s).

How Often is Service needed?

Special Events: When you rent portable restrooms or Restroom trailers, the agreement will indicate how many times they will be serviced during the event. The portable restrooms are delivered fully ready for use the first event day.  For events lasting 2-7 days, your servicing schedule should be daily (usually beginning the morning following the first event day). The second consideration is the number of guests you expect each day. Usually, it is safe to consider one portable for every 100 (max.) people for an 8 hr day.  And know that events selling large quantities of beer will need to plan on one portable per 75 people. In either case, you can help by providing accurate projections for how many people will use the restrooms. Check your rental agreement to see whether you can adjust the frequency if you need to. Consideration should be used for adding both handicap accessible portables and portable handwash sinks.

Construction sites or other ‘monthly’ use locations: Portables for monthly use should have one portable per 20 people per 5-day work week, for an 8-hr day. Services are primarily scheduled either once or twice weekly. Remember, it is always cheaper to order my portables than to have a smaller number of portables serviced more frequently.

Three Signs It’s Time to Get Your Portable Restrooms Serviced

These are the things to keep an eye on when renting portable restrooms for an extended time.

  1. Odor: Maintaining portable restrooms is simply good customer service. The first sign you may be due for a service is that your users are complaining. If someone speaks up, especially about the smell, address their concerns right away. Portable restrooms should come with deodorizer to cut down on odor. If you notice the odor increasing significantly, the restroom probably needs servicing.
  2. Toilet tissue is out: Naturally, when any supplies run out, you will want to get them replaced. Above, we mentioned toilet paper and hand sanitizer. If you rent portable sinks for handwashing, this may also include water, soap, and paper towels. Remember, if toilet tissue runs out (assuming it has not been stolen) – you don’t need more tissue, you need more portables!
  3. Cleanliness: Surfaces, including the floors, walls, doors, toilet seats, and urinals should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. When you notice any of these looking particularly dirty, your servicing team can put things back in order.

The Four Steps to Servicing Portable Restrooms

Your servicing company should perform the following four tasks.

  1. Evacuate waste from the holding tanks.
  2. Charge the unit by adding a deodorant to reduce bacteria and odor.
  3. Scrub the walls and significant points of contact including floors, toilet seats, and urinals.
  4. Restock supplies such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, soap, and paper towels.

Before you sign a service agreement, confirm that your vendor will follow these steps.

Count on Anderson Rentals for all your portable restroom needs—servicing as well as rental. Anderson Rentals not only provides several types of portable toilets but also professionally services them.

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