The 5 Best Things About Renting a Luxury Restroom Trailer

The 5 Best Things About Renting a Luxury Restroom Trailer

2-Stall ADA Restroom Trailer

While portable bathrooms can get the job done, luxury restroom trailers provide amenities designed to provide comfort and quality that resemble a site-built restroom. If you’re hosting an upscale event, like a wedding or concert your guest’s comfort is going to be a prime concern, especially during the hot Florida summer. You only have one chance to make a good impression, and luxury restrooms can help you achieve that goal. Here are five of the best features of luxury restroom trailers and where you can find top-of-the-line luxury restroom trailers for your next event. 

Upgrade With High-Quality Sinks and Toilets

Everyone washes their hands before leaving the bathroom (at least we hope!). Luxury restroom trailers can include either: A fresh-water connection to an onsite water spigot or, if a spigot is not accessible, some trailers can be delivered with a supply of fresh water holding tanks that pump in freshwater. Either option gives your guests the ability to choose between hot and cold water at the sink. While evidence has shown that cold water and hot water are just as effective as each other at getting rid of germs, everyone has their own preference. 

On the topic of killing germs, luxury restroom trailers often have built-in soap and paper towel dispensers or electric hand dryers. Using soap to wash your hands has always been advisable, and it’s more important than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the toilets can actually flush within the units. This keeps waste out of sight and mitigates bad odors, improving the overall experience for your visitors.

Improve Comfort With Climate Control and Ventilation

Depending on the time of year, using a portable restroom can feel uncomfortable. Luxury restroom trailers include air conditioning and heating to keep the guest experience pleasant and comfortable. This is an essential feature for hot summer days or chilly winter evenings, and your guests will be thankful for it! Remember, the restroom isn’t just a place to relieve yourself, it’s a place where people go to freshen up. Having a climate-controlled restroom area allows your guests to do so in peace before continuing to mingle. Additionally, luxury restroom trailers include ventilation and exhaust systems. These systems remove unwanted odors and leave the restroom smelling fresh for the next guest.

Boost Aesthetics with Luxury Restroom Trailers

A big feature of luxury restroom trailers is their attractiveness over standard portable bathrooms. Luxury restrooms can include high-end flooring materials, interior/exterior lighting, countertop space, extra shelves and cabinets, and decorative accents such as interior plants, flowers, mirrors, wall art, and more. This granular level of customization provides an indistinguishable appearance from an in-house restroom. In fact, some luxury restroom trailers aim to mimic master bathrooms at hotels! The interior décor of each luxury restroom can be quite different, so remember to select a trailer that matches the aesthetic you’re looking for. 

Lower Wait Times With a Range of Sizes

Another benefit of luxury restroom trailers is that they come in a variety of sizes. Trailers often come in sizes ranging from two to thirteen stalls (keep in mind that in many instances, the manufacturer counts a urinal as a stall). These options allow you to get a perfect size trailer for your event, ensuring you don’t overspend or underdeliver. For men, these trailers can even include urinals, saving toilet space for those who need it. If you are ever uncertain about the size of a trailer needed to facilitate your guests, don’t hesitate to contact us for a professional estimate. 

Optimize Your Budget 

The last best thing about renting a luxury restroom trailer is that it can be budget-friendly. If you are hosting a large event, having numerous portable bathroom stalls can lead to unexpected expenses. This is because a crew will have to haul and drop off portable bathrooms as the event progresses. Luxury restroom trailers have a higher level of entry, but due to their built-in waste management systems and ability to connect to a septic tank, it reduces the need to coordinate multiple deliveries, cleanings, and maintenance. 

What Events Are Best Suited for Luxury Restroom Trailers?

Anderson Rentals serves most of the state of Florida, from Lake County to Orlando to Palm Beach. With our unique climate it is extra important to be prepared for your event with mobile, temporary rentals, like luxury restroom trailers. There are a few events where luxury restroom trailers are common, such as weddings, sporting events, concerts, fairs and festivals, and corporate events. While many concerts and sporting events do opt for common portable bathrooms, some do use luxury restroom trailers to set themselves apart. Weddings and corporate events are far more likely to use luxury restroom trailers as these are formal events where the goal is to entertain guests. As such, hosts should promote a sense of comfort throughout their stay. Fairs and festivals may opt for luxury trailers that include showers if they are multi-day events. Shower trailers provide amenities that luxury trailers have but also include a place for guests to refresh themselves. This is a particularly nice feature to have during long camping outings, revivals, and festivals.

A Brief Recap

To reiterate the information above, luxury restroom trailers offer the following benefits:

  • The ability to choose between hot and cold water at the sink
  • Built-in soap and paper towel dispensers
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Ventilation for odor removal
  • Customized aesthetics for a luxury appearance 
  • A wide selection of sizes
  • Budget efficiency for large events
  • Shower trailers, in some cases

Choose the Right Luxury Restroom Trailer for Your Upcoming Event

Planning large events is difficult, whether it’s a wedding or a corporate retreat. Everyone wants their guests to be comfortable. Luxury restroom trailers give them a place to relieve themselves that’s as feature-rich as any master bathroom. 

With over 50 years of experience, Anderson Rentals has seen it all. We want your events to be as great as possible, so let us guide you to the right restroom trailer choices. While luxury restrooms may sound unnecessary at a glance, they can improve the quality of stay your guests have. Ordering from a reputable, high-quality vendor will save you many headaches along the way. 

Are you having a fundraiser? By providing the right amount of high-quality restrooms for your guests, you’re able to keep them onsite so that they can continue to contribute to your cause and enjoy the event. Get a quote today for your luxury trailer needs.

Not sure what items to rent? Get in touch and we’ll help you choose the most suitable options to make your operation a success.