What Size Roll-off is Right for Me?

What Size Roll-off is Right for Me?

roll-off dumpster

Utilizing a roll-off dumpster is a great way to easily dispose of debris. This can be at construction job sites or home sites: when cleaning out garages or taking down trees. Choosing the proper size roll-off can save you money and prevent frustrations later in your project. Keep in mind that we mostly have 20-yd dumpsters and our pricing is based mostly upon the ’20s as most customers find the best value in this size.

Are you asking yourself what size roll-off you’ll need for your next project? If you’re unsure, the experts at Anderson Rentals have the solution for you! Read this guide to help you determine what size roll-is right for the job.

10-Yard Roll-offs

If you’re taking on a smaller, weekend project, then a 10-yard roll-off could be perfect for you. 10-yard roll-offs are the ideal size for short-term projects like the renovation of a bathroom or other small rooms, garage clean-outs, and concrete removals to name a few. These roll-offs can hold up to 4 tons or equivalent to 3 pickup truck loads worth of items.

20-Yard Roll-offs

Our best value, 20-yard roll-offs are the most popular size among both contractors and homeowners since they offer a happy median in terms of proportions. Simply said, they are usually just right. This size roll-off is good for bigger jobs, like home remodels, deck removals, large landscaping projects, new roof installations and more! 20-yard roll-offs can hold up to 10 tons, or 6 pick-up truck loads worth of waste.  The 20-yd cans are typically the maximum size cans when moving concrete or dirt, due to truck weight restrictions.

30-Yard Roll-offs

Bigger is NOT always better unless you are dealing with bulky/light debris (trees, tree roots, large garage/home clean outs, or bulky lumber job sites.)  30-yard roll-offs will be your best option (not for dirt or concrete loads). Typically, during a home addition or building demolition construction companies and contractors will choose this option. 10 tons, or 9 pickup truck loads, can easily fit into one of these receptacles.


What is a Pull?  A ‘pull’ is when the truck comes to pick up the dumpster and take it to the landfill for disposal.  A Pull & Return, is when the customer wants it back to put more debris into a second dumpster.  And a Final, is when we pull it and do not return it.

Disposal Fee: the dollar rate per ton we charge back to the customer based upon the landfill disposal fee per ton and the debris type disposed (construction waste, roofing, yard waste, etc).  Every municipality charges differently.

*Minimum Usage Fee: when a dumpster customer completes a pull within 28 days of delivery – there is NO minimum usage fee.  When a customer keeps a dumpster for greater than 28 days with no pulls, the customer is charged a minimum usage fee.

Having a roll-off dumpster at your next job site will create an easy means of waste disposal and help make your project a success. Next time you’re asking yourself, “what size roll-off dumpster is right for me?”, be sure to reference this guide to help you determine what size will work best for your needs.

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