What Size Shower Trailer Rental Is Right for Me?

What Size Shower Trailer Rental Is Right for Me?

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If you’re hosting an event or have a large job that requires shower facilities, you may be asking yourself “what size show trailer rental do I need?”. Use this guide to learn about the multiple shower trailer sizes available to rent, and which types of events each portable rental are perfect for.

8-Stall Combination Bathroom & Shower Trailer – 28′

Whether you’re going to be hosting a large campout or need facilities for the fairground of concert workers, the 8-stall combination restroom and shower trailer is a great solution. This combo trailer gives you the option to set up as many of the 8-stalls as either showers or restrooms, whichever best suits your needs.

10-Stall Shower Trailer – 28′

The 10-stall shower trailer is ideal for large events like air shows and concerts. With 10 shower heads, this trailer keeps lines moving even on the busiest days. Renters have the option of dividing the trailer with a partition to create 2 rooms with 5 shower stalls each.

26-Stall Shower Trailer – 40′

The 26-stall shower trailer is the largest mobile shower trailer we have available. If your planning for a multi-day festival, this is the solution for your needs. No matter how busy peak time is at your event, the size of this trailer allows it to reduce wait times and keep event goers and staff happy. This particular shower trailer comes with the option to have 1 large 26 stall room or 2 smaller rooms with 12 and 14 stalls – all depending on your unique needs.

28- Stall Shower Trailer – 60′

For events of extra-large proportions, the 28-stall shower trailer is the best option. This includes multi-day festivals (think Coachella, Burning Man etc.) and large camping events. This shower trailer comes fit with a 2-gender configuration, helping to alleviate long lines and serve more users at a time.

30-Stall Shower Trailer – 44′

Our largest shower trailer available is the 30-stall shower trailer. Although they are popular for big festivals, they are also ideal for large storm relief crews. This trailer comes in two different options, depending on what suits your needs best:

  • 2 room configuration: 12 stalls on one side and 20 stalls in the other with no sinks.
  • 2 room configuration: 10 stalls and 4 sinks in one side and 15 stalls and 8 sinks in the other.

If you have an extra-large event or job, the 30-stall shower trailer is a great way to eliminate the need for multiple shower trailers.

Next time you need to rent a shower trailer for an event, be sure to choose the option that will best suit your needs. It’s important to consider possible wait times that your customers or workers may have to deal with depending on the size and number of trailers you rent. If you still have questions on what size would be best for you, the team at Anderson Rentals is here to help.

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